Natalie Bailey

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Instructor, Mother of 2

You know how you always say "I would have laughed in your face if you told me this would happen."? That's exactly how I feel about where I have landed in life - two babies only 18 months apart, a cozy home in sunny Huntington Beach, CA, and a blossoming career in the pregnancy and birth community! All this coming from a workaholic who can't even have her own blood drawn without feeling queazy... who would have thought??

I always knew I wanted children but was baffled by the entire process.  Being around kids has always been my passion, as pursued through my education degree and experience as a middle school teacher. My teaching bug led me in a different direction upon landing in Orange County - I found my true voice and sense of confidence in yoga and have been teaching/practicing yoga for 7+ years. 

My first pregnancy with my son was truly magical but did not end in the manner I had planned, My plans for a home birth were quickly shattered at 30 weeks pregnant when I was rushed to the hospital with liver failure. Having no doula myself, I had to advocate for what I knew was right for my body and my preemie son, despite the advise of numerous medical professionals. It was a struggle that left me traumatized yet empowered.

I knew I had found my calling - to be of service to mothers and partners as their family expands and flourishes!  I am thrilled to offer my services as a birth doula and childbirth educator to the greater Orange County area. My only intention is to be a source of support and empowerment to my fellow sisters during their journey through conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I also offer placenta encapsulation services and private or small group prenatal yoga sessions.

My personal tribe consists of my husband, Justin, and two amazing children, Jai & Luna. When not playing with my babies or practicing my craft, my garden is my sanctuary and my yoga mat is home.

I look forward to connecting with you!