Baby Sign Language 

One of the most difficult parts of being a parent to an infant is not knowing what your baby needs or wants. Try as you might, crying and screaming ensues from both parties involved! What if there was a way for you to easily communicate with your child to build a better bond of trust and cultivate an environment of peace and calm - you'd take it, right?

An abundance of research has been done over the past 40+ years on the benefits of utilizing American Sign Language (ASL) with hearing infants and toddlers. Many studies have shown the use of signing from a young age helps to promote a wider vocabulary, cultivate trust between parent and child, and builds confidence in our little ones. What is better than avoiding frustration and building a deeper connection with your child? Baby Sign Language can help!

Signing transformed my relationship with my son from the beginning! Jai is shown to the left, demonstrating his wide range of signs from a young age.

My classes include...

Introduction of up to 100 signs

Depending on the course that is taken, you and your little one will be exposed to up to 20 signs! This helps to lay a foundation of communication between you and your baby or toddler. With these signs, basic needs and wants can be easily shared, helping minimize frustration for both parties. 

Use of Creative Talk

Creative Talk is engaged discussion in addition to the daily interactions you have with your child. Integrating all 5 senses, Creative Talk promotes inquiry and exposes children to a broad range of vocabulary. It also helps to build trust and confidence with children as they connect with you deeper. Cognition and language development are great benefits of such a parenting tool.

Songs and Play!

What better way to discover and learn than through song and play! We utilize a very basic structure in class of introducing a sign, discovering the subject of that sign through Creative Talk and physical exposure, and then integrating that sign in to song and/or activities for children to engage in alongside their parent(s). These same activities and songs can then be used at home to help solidify learning and understanding. 

If you have any additional questions about my courses, please feel free to contact me!