Placenta Encapsulation

The consumption of the placenta during the postpartum period is still a relatively new practice in our culture. While the medical world is still trying to catch up to this new trend, the most common testimonial from this practice is easier management of the postpartum period known as the baby blues, a time when the body is working to readjust hormone levels once baby has been born. There have also been reports of high milk production, better bonding with baby and partner, and a more balanced mindset while adjusting to motherhood. 

This practice is one with ancient roots but done with modern amenities. The placenta is cleaned, cut, dehydrated, and encapsulated for consumption. Portions of the placenta can also be used to create salves, tinctures, and other remedies to assist in postpartum healing.. 

My services include...

Placenta Encapsulation - $275

For this process, I use the raw method of preparation. The placenta is cleaned and marinated in lemon juice & fresh ginger. The lemon juice is a natural cleansing agent while the ginger adds warmth to the organ in preparation for the dehydration process. After the organ is marinated, it is thinly sliced and placed in a dehydrator for up to 12 hours until all strips are completely dried. These strips are then ground in to a powder and placed in individual capsules. The average placenta will yield 150-200 capsules. Instructions on suggested dosage are included with your bottle of capsules

- The fee for this service includes picking up the placenta from your place of birth.If I am already a member of your birth team as your doula or you would like to transport the placenta to me instead, the above fee will be reduced by $25.

Tincture - $30

A quarter sized piece of the placenta is placed in a small tincture bottle filled with 100 proof vodka. This bottle is to be left alone for the placenta marinate for 6 weeks before using. Once this process is complete, the tincture can be used for continued hormone stabilization, stress, transition, and energy. It can also be used to regulate your menstrual cycle once it returns, later in life with menopausal symptoms or, in the case of having a daughter, it can be used to help regulate her menstrual cycle once it starts. The dosage is to place several drops under the tongue and hold there for 60 seconds before swallowing.

Salve - $40

Extra placenta powder can be placed in a rich oil, Shea butter, and herb mixture. This salve can then be used for perineal tearing, c-section incision (once the wound is closed), diaper rash, hemorrhoids, eczema, skin irritations, etc. 

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